Internationale Arbeitsgruppen

W3C RDF Data Shapes Working Group

09/2014 - 07/2016
Rolle: Mitwirkender

The mission of the W3C RDF Data Shapes Working Group is to produce a language for defining structural constraints on RDF graphs. In the same way that SPARQL made it possible to query RDF data, the product of this working group will enable the definition of graph topologies for interface specification, code development, and data verification.

DCMI RDF Application Profiles Task Group

Seit 06/2014
Rolle: Mitglied des Redaktionsteams

The intention of the DCMI working group is to (1) gather case studies from data professionals having RDF validation related problems in their individual contexts, (2) extract functional use cases out of these case studies, (3) specify requirements to be fulfilled to adequately solve these problems and meet the use cases, (4) investigate existing best-practices regarding the coverage of these requirements, and (5) identify gaps and recommend best-practices to close them.

DDI Moving Forward Project

10/2012 - 07/2016
Rolle: Aktives Mitglied und Mitwirkender

The further development of the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) metadata standard is model-driven in order to solve the problems associated with the XML Schema centric development of standard specifications. The model-driven development enables to break the model down to diverse concrete serializations such as RDFS/OWL, XML Schema, relational database schemas, and Java libraries.

  • Contributor to the modeling team which technically formalizes the model by means of UML 2
  • Contributor to the tools support team which defines and implements diverse serializations of the model, like RDFS/OWL, XML Schema, relational database schemas, and Java libraries

RDF Vocabularies Working Group

Seit 09/2011
Rolle: Redakteur

The goal of this working group is to develop RDF vocabularies for the efficient use of metadata to describe social, behavioral, and economic sciences research data in the context of Semantic Web and Linked Data.

  • Editor of the DDI-RDF Discovery Vocabulary, a vocabulary to support the discovery of statistical data and its metadata.
  • Editor of the Physical Data Description vocabulary, a vocabulary to represent data in tabular format and their physical properties.
  • Contributor to XKOS, a SKOS extension to describe formal statistical classifications and to introduce refinements of the semantic properties between pairs of concepts.